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Secret Garden Phoenix Arizona

Wedding photography for S & W at Secret Garden Phoenix Arizona. Great location! That is the most simple way to put it.

As a wedding photographer, I get to meet all sorts of people and see many different wedding venues. S & W were such a genuine couple and I think for a bride and groom making a point of telling me they are uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera you would never know it from their wedding photography. I would love to take the credit for being the one to only show their best moments and bring out something in them throughout the wedding day. The reality is they are deeply in love and as long as I reminded them to focus on that and one another the rest was easy. Photographing a wedding at Secret Garden Phoenix Arizona offers so many options for backgrounds and you don't have to work hard to get them. It is true to the name because of the variety and the fact that the furthest location within the venue was about a 3 min walk apart. Hopefully, my abilities as a wedding photographer gave the illusion of a much more expansive location, and maybe it did but I really love those days when everything just comes together. Enjoy this larger-than-usual sample of my wedding photography!

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