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The Grove at Redfield Estates

The Grove at Redfield Estates is a timeless location! I have seen every style of wedding available done at The Grove and they always fit right into place. I am always honored when a couple selects me to be their wedding photographer but I especially love when they match my style! The bride had forgone the usual choice of a veil for her wedding dress and instead chose a hooded cloak. That one detail brought this entire wedding into another realm and it was my goal as a wedding photographer to enter this kingdom.

As a wedding photographer, I want to be more fluid in my approach throughout the day. When the bride is getting ready I use a photojournalistic approach and grab the action as it is happening. Keeping to the candid and real moments. There are a lot of little stresses and jitters to be worked out in the first few hours of a wedding day so I would rather get real moments as it is happening rather than staged.

This wedding's bride and groom decided to do a first look. I would say doing a first look has become somewhat common. I get asked often if it is normal or if more people wait for the ceremony to see one another. I have to say, after having photographed over 450 weddings myself I have found doing a first look occurs about 50% of the time. Whether you do a first look or wait for the ceremony again there is no real interaction with me as your wedding photographer. I switch to a documentary photographer and capture the story of the moment.

With the cake, I become a product photographer and I need to have the correct lighting on the fly, with family portraits we have a more structured segment but these are important group pictures of the most important people in your life. The bridal party pictures are everyone's favorite but I will say I have found a love for each portion of a wedding day because there is always a way to capture the moments creatively and fresh from the last wedding I photographed.

I love being a wedding photographer and I would love to be yours. If you are having your wedding at The Grove at Redfield Estates in Glenview IL you can count me in for sure! Like I said before I have been a part of over 450 Happy Wedding Days and I can't wait to be a part of many more as your wedding photographer!

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